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ACT! By Sage is Customer Relationship Management software that provides easy access and serves as a means to keep the company's customer information, calls and email records, and anything related to the customer service activities as well as about marketing and sales. Therefore, this software is almost a must-have for all businesses looking to expand and earn a reputation for their neat and well-organized work system.

Sage ACT! Hosting provides expands the revolutionary scope for work flexibility and for the freedom to perform your tasks on-the-go. Thanks to its presence in the cloud, businesses are relieved from the strain and limitations that arise from working on a single office desktop. Professionals can now have access to all the required data and customer information from any computer anywhere that is convenient to them, provided they have a working internet connection.

Benefits of ACT! By Sage Hosting
Anytime Access: ACT! Hosting gives you the option to access your files from anywhere and at anytime you like. You do not have to be at any specific place or working on your office desktop to meet your professional aims.

High Speed: One of the most important benefits of ACT! Hosting is that you no longer have to worry about delays. It gives freedom from time-lags and the annoying unresponsive application. It therefore makes work more efficient and fast.

Instant Connectivity: Hosting of ACT! Software provides instant connection to data files. There is zero connectivity related issues that might adversely affect your working experience.

More Profits: Hosting facility allows companies to earn more profits by giving them the option to serve more customers. This is because there is no longer any need to travel for small tasks that can be done through secure remote access in a collaborated manner. This leads to saving of a lot of precious time and energy.

Multi-User Access: Multiple users can now have real-time access to customer data thereby ensuring more collaboration and high quality work. ACT! Hosting gives the option to interact with fellow professionals and update the work database simultaneously without any hassles.

Security: Data security is of great importance in today's businesses. Hosting of ACT! Software gives you peace of mind by ensuring that all the necessary information and customer details are backed up regularly in our data centers that are theft-proof.

ACT! Software Editions We Host
The different editions we host include:

  • ACT 2010
  • ACT2011
  • ACT 2012

Add-ons we provide
There are many add-ons of ACT! By Sage software that we host:

  • Peachtree Online Backup
  • Peachtree Online Bill Pay
  • ACT! Link for Sage Peachtree
  • Peachtree Data Soft
  • Peachtree Cart Span
  • Peachtree Multi-ware
  • Peachtree HR and Payroll solution

Why Us?
Hitech Cloud provides hosting services for a lot of applications. We have earned a name for our quality and professionalism in the market today. We never stop till we reach optimum results and provide the best work. Our standards of security are rigorous and fulfill customer satisfaction effortlessly.

Wish to host your CRM with us? Just give us a call and we will be happy to help!

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