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Drake Tax Software Hosting

Drake tax software hosting takes over all your tax-related problems! It offers smooth, hassle-free, reliable and on-time tax related solutions. By enabling the professionals to complete their work well in time and with ease from anywhere, this powerful cloud solution helps taxing professionals to expand their business seamlessly. With such efficient aid, managing tax season pressure is no longer a tedious task.

How Drake Tax Software Makes Tax Filing a No-Sweat Job?

No matter if you are preparing tax returns for federal, state or any business, Drake Tax Software is sure to save your time, effort and money thereby letting you complete more returns in a timely fashion. By allowing you to enter the data easily and quickly, handle the forms and operate the not-at-all difficult user-interface, this tax software will provide assistance at all the stages of tax filing and its preparation. Moreover, by keeping record of previous returns, it will allow you to retrieve data as and when required and demanded. Some of the features of this software include:

  • It comes with user-friendly interface which is speedy and responsive.
  • The automatic data flow feature of this tax software will allow the data to flow from the Federal to State returns.
  • It updates previous returns easily and quickly.
  • Processing through the returns is simple and fast.
  • It lets you to attach PDF files along with business returns.
  • It has an auto-fill option that will enable automatic filling of a company's name and address, once you have already filled it using ZIP or EIN code databases.
  • With the aid of an electronic signature pad, this software lets you place your E-signature on the forms, like authorization or consent.

Benefits of Drake Tax Software Hosting

Time Saver :
Hosted Drake software saves a lot of time by incorporating features such as speed, easy-to-use interface and automatic flow of data, multiuser access and much more.

Easy Accessibility

All you need is an internet connection for using hosted Drake application and you can dive into its world of benefits and usefulness from whatever location you want 24x7.

Facilitating Multiple Users

If you are a multi-user license holder for Drake, then hosting will allow a number of users to prepare tax returns simultaneously and with one point of data storage for consistent results all the time.

Hitech Cloud is a leader in provisioning seamless Drake tax software hosting services. With years of experience vested within the team of leading technical experts, we not only offer a hassle-free and integrated work environment but also a safe online professional arena. With intense security mechanisms guarding our clients' crucial data and applications, we promise to deliver speed, consistency, safety and value for money in one package – Your hosted Drake server.

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