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MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) is a small business accounting software, much in practice in Singapore, Australia, US and Hong Kong for carrying out wary financial processes. Since report creation, business decision making process and tax returns don't wait for accountants and tax professionals to have their working systems intact, it is essential to have an upright financial management system all the time! And this is exactly what MYOB offers in a hosted environment.

Exclusive Features of MYOB Accounting Software

  • There are no limits imposed on making transactions or creating invoices
  • No extra charges are levied on intensive usage of the software
  • Taxation modules have been well-structured to consume less time
  • Extensive range of add-ons to form your entire accounting arena

Why Opt for MYOB Hosting?

Which Location Specific Editions of MYOB We Host?

Global Location

Editions of MYOB We Host

MYOB US Editions

  • Fixed Asset Register
  • MYOB SecTax
  • Audit Journal Tracking
  • Group Consolidations
  • MYOB PerTax
  • MYOB Central for Accounting Practices
  • Hosted MYOB Viztopia Account Production
  • MYOB CorTax
  • MYOB Retail EPOS
  • MYOB Business Accounts
  • Hosted MYOB Practice Management

MYOB Hong Kong Editions

  • MYOB Enterprise
  • MYOB Premier Plus
  • MYOB Retail Manager
  • MYOB Premier
  • MYOB Accounting

MYOB Singapore Editions

  • MYOB Premier
  • MYOB Viztopia Practice Management
  • MYOB Retail Point of Sale (POS)
  • MYOB Accounting

MYOB Australia Editions

  • MYOB Retail Management and Point of Sale (POS)
  • MYOB Accountants Office
  • MYOB Accounting Plus
  • MYOB Viztopia Practice Management
  • MYOB Premier MYOB Premier Enterprise
  • MYOB Accounting

Hitech Cloud is a leader in delivering MYOB hosting solutions to accountants all across the world. With a dedicated team working hard every minute of the day to make user experience seamless, we aim to deliver only the Best!

Tired of handling software and hardware troubles on your own? Give us a call and let us shoulder your IT functionalities. You can even drop us a mail and our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible!

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