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Peachtree Accounting Software Hosting

Peachtree software, now known as Sage 50 is an accounting application used by many companies and businesses across the world. Owned and updated by Sage, this software is a blessing for accountants engraved in complex accounting tasks that run close on deadlines.

Hosting Peachtree software gives CPAs and accounting professionals freedom from installing numerous applications and dealing with arising issues on their own. This task is instead handed over to professionals who ensure an updated work environment where users can simply login and continue with their business operations.

Why Opt for Peachtree Hosting?

Cost-Effectiveness: Hosting of Peachtree software is quite cost-effective and requires only a monthly rent. For this price, users get hosting and convenient server space to store and use their applications and data.
Compatibility: Peachtree hosting extends great compatibility by building the hosting structure on the latest configuration of hardware and software that is regularly updated.
Data Security: You do not have to worry about the security of your data and files. Peachtree hosting at Hitech Cloud is powered by an encryption mechanism of 128 bits, time-outs as well as level-2 authentication process. With this level of online security along with data center authorization, clients' data is more than safe with us.
Time Saving: Peachtree hosting is quick and saves many precious hours. Updates take minimum time and without lags. Moreover, multiuser functionality allows the users to perform accounting tasks simultaneously which provides the system a consistent state which thereby enables quick decision making process.
Completely Liberal Access: It provides access anytime and at any place. Remote access gives the facility of working seamlessly even when on the go. This small enhancement not only boosts employee efficiency but also business productivity.
No Hidden Charges: Peachtree hosting comes at affordable, competitive prices. Also, payment is on monthly basis. Also, there are no extra charges or hidden costs and there is utmost transparency in what we charge.

Editions of Peachtree Software That We Host

1. Peachtree Premium Accounting (2006-2015)
The different versions of Peachtree Premium Accounting that we host are:

  • Construction Edition
  • Distribution Edition
  • Manufacturing Edition
  • Non-Profits Edition

2. Peachtree Quantum Accounting (2007-2015)
3. Peachtree Pro Accounting (2006-2015)
Seamless Integration with Add-ons
There are also many add-ons that can be integrated on our remote servers. These include:

  • Payroll Solutions
  • Checks & Forms
  • Intelligence Reporting
  • Retirement Services
  • Fixed Asset Calculation
  • Credit Card Services
  • Web based backup

Why Us?

Hitech Cloud has earned a name in the field of technology due to its dedication and hard work. We take the security of our client's work as our own. Our decades of experience go on to show our success and good relations with our customers. The name of our company is synonymous with reliability and professionalism in today's market. We work with utmost integrity and provide you with the best experience possible. Our relationship with our clients is based on complete trust and faith. Wish to connect with us? Live Chat Now!!

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