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ProSeries Tax Software Hosting

In lieu of spending whole day in tax preparations processes, comes to the advantage of accountant professionals and CPAs- ProSeries Tax Software Hosting which shortens the tax preparation time, effort and complexities by offering an up-to-date and modern hosted environment for handling multiple user work from any location and at any time. This software interface is easy to use and efficient to rely on because it minimizes the possibility of rejection from IRS due to excelling ProSeries features and hosted advantages contributing to the overall success of tax filing process in a timely fashion.

Why ProSeries Tax Software Hosting?

This tax software’s simple and comprehensible features allow even a non-tax practitioner to file tax returns with ease. What makes it above par of other tax software is the fact that it saves money and hence, it is a pocket-friendly deal. ProSeries tax software is appropriate for the tax practitioners whose tax returns types are not so large and are minor. It comes with loaded benefits and has its own ways to deal with the filing of tax returns. Some of its exclusive features are automatic calculations, free e-filing, perfect coordination and integration of federal and state forms, etc. Benefits include:

  • ProSeries Tax Software helps in tax preparation of 1040 returns.
  • It has automatic detection of errors and auto-correct feature too.
  • For data collection, it offers comprehensive checklists, which are category-specific.
  • This tax software can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks.
  • It also eases in e-filing the tax returns by letting you to enter Electronic Filling Identification Number (ELFIN).
  • It allows you to do in-depth navigation through data.
  • It lets you to fill data into worksheets or forms.

Benefits of ProSeries Tax Software Hosting

ProSeries software has built-in features that saves a lot of time and files a return in about 20 minutes. Such features are W-2s, QuickBooks data, automated entry of 1099 returns’ data, and stock transactions. All these contribute in lessening the manual work. Besides, hosting offers instant setup, easy login and hassle-free work environment which add up to great time savings.

Simple to Use
The user-friendly interface lets even a non-tax practitioner to file his/her tax return. This basic yet vital feature along with multi-user access and single storage point provided by hosting providers saves a lot of time and efforts, which would otherwise be invested in understanding the intricacies involved.
With an intense data storage network set up across varied data centers all across the world, Hitech Cloud assures maximum reliability with 99.99% uptime. Also, complete data backup taken on each day ensures complete recovery of data when required. In all, cloud is a safe data bank to store fiscal data on.

Hitech Cloud incorporates more benefits to the existing ones and makes this tax software a better deal. Some of the value-added benefits are routine data back-up and the sorted data can be easily retrieved as and when demanded, safety and security of data centers, and the software becomes more efficient. All these features make ProSeries software hosted by Hitech Cloud, a flawless taxing experience indeed.

Wish to host your ProSeries Tax software with us? Just give us a call and our representatives will guide you through the simple steps for completion of the process!

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