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#1: What is tax application hosting?
Tax application hosting is a procedure by which taxing professionals can completely surpass the IT issues and incompatibility problems that they face while working on their tax applications. With this procedure, the client software and data is hosted on a robust hardware and software platform that is securely created on a remote server which is managed by a third-party. Thus, all the client would require to do is login to this remote server through the access credentials provided and start working on this remote desktop. All installation, upgrade and maintenance is the sole responsibility of tax application hosting provider and the taxation experts can focus only on their core tax processes.

#2: Can I trust Hitech Cloud for security of my crucial financial data and applications on their cloud servers?
We at Hitech Cloud place security at the first place. We are aware that financial data is the backbone of any business and this is why we go the extra mile to provide complete coverage to our client’s tax data stored on our remote servers. A series of physical and virtual level security mechanisms ensures that all data is safe. Besides, our network professionals keep themselves updated on the latest introductions to network level security which drives the safeguarded cloud atmosphere that we host for our client’s business applications and data.

#3: Which applications related to taxing are seamlessly hosted by Hitech Cloud?
Though the world of taxation is flooded with loads of taxation software, we are bound to hosting only the ones that have been the firmest in industry for long. Our taxation hosting sphere is thus limited to Lacerte, ProSeries, Drake and ACT tax software.

#4: What are the procedures for ensuring complete restoration of my business data post any catastrophic or non-catastrophic event?
With the network of our servers spread across varied parts of the world that are free from the known frequent occurrence of any natural disasters, we ensure complete availability of services. In case the main server gives up, all connections will be seamlessly routed through the backup server which will give users access to all data till the last backup point thereby ensuring maximum recovery when needed.

#5: Are there any contracts or termination policies that I will have to get into before starting with this service?
We believe that our clients will stay with us if they find the Quality of our services good. This is why we do not bind them in any contracts or termination policies. Hence, our clients are free to withdraw from the services any time they feel like.

#6: Will the hosted tax applications be easy-to-adopt for taxation professionals using traditional methodologies?
Hosting does not change the functionality of your tax applications. The only additional step that you or your team members will have to take in is to login to your remote server through the dedicated user access credentials provided. This step will lead you to your virtual desktop where your application and data is stored. All operations can be carried on traditionally from here on.

#7: Talking on physical terms, where exactly will all my tax application data be held?
The cloud environment that stores a client’s programs and data is actually a server that is located within large, power-driven and security-guarded data centers. The data centers that hold our clients’ data are located in Seattle, Dallas and Texas.

Amongst these applications, the users hold the liberty to choose one or more applications to be hosted on the same dedicated server along with their add-ons and complete business data.

Hitech Cloud holds expertise in seamless management of cloud environment that is built on our remotely maintained servers. We host and provide complete support for almost all versions of the tax application editions mentioned above. With our highly dedicated and knowledgeable team, we aim to offer a hassle-free work sphere to taxation individuals and business teams at all times!
Wish to know more about our services and how securely we host client data? Call us and we would love to answer all your queries!


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