CPAs and accounting individuals in the US take the trouble-free road to accounting with easy-to-use and customized QuickBooks applications. However, certain researches have projected that even with QuickBooks, these professionals waste a considerable part of their time in dealing with the IT complexities which fall out of their knowledge base. To reduce that stress, Hitech Cloud provides its clients with aseamless US QuickBooks Hosting platform through which they can work anytime, from anywhere and without any interfacing with the technicalities of hardware and software issues.

Which Editions and Versions of QuickBooks We Host in the US?
#1: QuickBooks Pro
#2: QuickBooks Premier

  • QuickBooks Premier Contractor
  • QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing and Wholesale
  • QuickBooks Premier Professional Services
  • QuickBooks Premier Retail
  • QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit

#3: QuickBooks Accountant
#4: QuickBooks Enterprise

  • QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Manufacturing and Wholesale
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Field Services
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Non-Profit
  • QuickBooks Enterprise General Services
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Retail
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Accounting Professional

All versions of the above mentioned editions following 2011 release are hosted and fully-supported by Hitech Cloud. How to Get Your US QuickBooks Edition Hosted with Us?

Step 1:Call us.
Step 2:Our representatives will note down your requirements.
Step 3:Within 2 hours, your QuickBooks server will be up and ready for use with the desired version and edition of QuickBooks or with multiple editions and versions of the same.
Step 4: The client will need to provide his license for the QB application. If the client does not hold a license, he can lease the same from us for a specific period of time.
Step 5:The secure access credentials of the server will be mailed to the client.
Step 6: If the client is moving from desktop application to cloud, he needs to backup all his data files and provide them to us so that we can host the same on the client’s dedicated server.
Step 7:For multi-user access, separate account login credentials will be created in accordance with the access restrictions laid down by the client. In case the client is adept in IT functionality of this level, he can configure the associated user accounts on his own.
Step 8: The client requires his specific credentials to access his files hosted on Hitech Cloud’s remote server.
Step 9: After login, the client can work seamlessly either individually or with his team of accountants and explore the endless benefits that cloud services have to offer.

We are there to assist you at every step. For more information on our US QuickBooks Hosting plans, call us or visit our Pricing page.

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